De Bonte Hen (The Brightly Coloured Hen)
Type:Oil mill
Owner:Vereniging De Zaansche Molen
Miller:Jippe Kreuning
Location:Zaanse Schans, Kalverringdijk 39, 1509 BT Zaandam
Phonenumber:+31 75-6217452
E-mail:[email protected]


Since 1935, the Kalverringdijk, almost opposite the Zaandijkersluis, was the remainder of a mill. This belonged to the oil mill De Bonte Hen or De Kip, which was originally built as a sawmill. There is a good chance that he was demolished in or just after 1693, because in that year he was offered for sale. Because afterwards nothing more is heard of a sawmill at that spot on the Zaan and that of an oil mill, it must be assumed that the sawmill has been demolished and replaced by an oil mill. This mill worked until 1926 and was demolished for ten years afterwards.

In 1973, the De Zaansche Molen Association managed to acquire the mill remnant of De Bonte Hen. The restoration could begin with a lot of help. Finally, a substantial government subsidy ensured that De Bonte Hen could be added to its rich mill ownership on the 50th anniversary of Vereniging De Zaansche Molen. The mill has now been set up as an oil mill, as it should be, with a couple of side stones, a front and a reference, with fists and stampers.

In 2016 another restoration followed: the unique oil cellars and the foundations were restored. After which the mill was fully opened to the public.

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